Monday, December 19, 2011


Hey Dolls, came across some pictures I took with my friends back in September. It was Ninas last week in Dar. We started the night at Ambrosia in mbezi tukamalizia runway.
Moi, Nina and Christine. We were all rocking hot outfits from SHOPAHOLIC. Nina was wearing a black dress and Christine was wearing a black and white ruffled front dress.
Too sad nadhani alie tupiga alikua kalewa cause all the pics were half so you cant view our outfits mpaka chini. I was wearing a large stripe nautical top na kwa chini nilikua nimevaa a nautical bandage skirt with stripes abit smaller than the top.
OOhh boy what a great way to wear nautical. Hot hot hot

Moi, Pesh, Nina & Christine. I’m with SHOPAHOLIC number one supporters.
These three ladies right here are a true definition of shopaholics maana
wanapenda ku shop.  Miss you loads Pesh and Nina opening
new stock without you is just different.

I decided to take the picture of what I wore ili upate idea jinsi ya kuvaa
nautical zenye pattern ya size tofauti. On this particular night I was kinda sad
cause Nina  alikua anaondoka so I think it reflected on the choice
of accessories I wore. The whole outfit was alittle bit too plain and too matchy.
Below nimeonyesha other ways I would have rocked the outfit.
Always try to be creative and spice up your outfit by adding colour
or different textures  

Colour blocking my clutch and shoes,   Gone are the days when mixing different
  Hot pink and royal Blue work well         prints and patterns was a fashion crime.
          together                                      I think floral and nautical make a
                                                                  perfect combo.    
STAY FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!! 

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