Thursday, December 13, 2012


 I'm a big fan of polka dot print, they add a retro flair to any outfit. For a Slim figured person I suggest you opt for bigger polka dots to contrast your leanness. While for a fuller figured person opt for small polka dots to avoid looking abit more chunky (rules where made to be broken and I must admit that I love my dots big, this rule should only apply to those timid plus size Divas who are abit less daring). Lucky are the medium figured people who have the freedom to choose between the small polka dots or big ones. Their body type complements both. All the beautiful blouses worn by our model below will be in our store this Saturday (15/12/2012) for only 15,000/-tsh each.

Most Hollywood divas got their wardrobe on point, so its not a bad idea to look to them for some style inspiration. Zoe opted for colourful dots, while Jessica looks casually chic with her tiny polka dot shirt, light wash skinnies and flats. Keira adds a pop of color that compliments so well her black and white dots( black,white & red is a no brainer perfect color combination). Nicky looks timelessly chic in classic black and white combination. Kourtney's big dots with black tights and shorts is a perfect ladies night out look.

Peplum polka dot blouse ya ukweli itakuwepo kwa 15,000/-

 Ruffled polka dot blouse itakuwepo

Neck tie polka dot blouse itakuwepo

Wrap around polka dot blouse itakuwepo

Contrast collar polka dot blouse itakuwepo

smart casual polka dot blouse zitakuwepo

colored polka dot blouse zitakuwepo

Sleeveless polka dot blouse zitakuwepo

Puffed shoulder polka dot blouse itakuwepo

Casual polka dot blouses zitakuwepo

Girlie polka dot blouses zitakuwepo


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