Thursday, March 1, 2012


Hello everyone, there days when you need to tone it down and give yourself a break from wearing bright colours to work. When you do decide to wear muted colours then remember to add a pop of colour by wearing colourful accessories like a belt, necklace, flower brooch, a small tiny headband or bangles. Notice I didnt mention shoes or handbag reason being I think they stand out more because they are bigger in size. Mind you we don't want to shift the focus from the clothes. For example had i chose to make the model below carry a brighter handbag the focus would then shift from her outfit to the bag that's why I emphasize on making the accessory small in size. So in this case the belt didn't over power the outfit but still makes a stetement. Always remember sometimes less can be more. Have a blessed day.

I have to repost the price list because i've been getting calls from people asking what our prices are. So kwa wale wageni kutembelea blog hizi ndio bei zetu.


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