Sunday, April 29, 2012


I feel so blessed and my heart is filled with thanksgiving. I’m so thankful and grateful for all the people who took time to come to our shop yesterday. You truly are all precious and I value all of you. Your support surely makes me proud knowing I have people who appreciate what I do and share the same passion for fashion. To My lovely sister Cindy thanks for your support your surely the "best-est" sister on the planet. To the most wonderful, humble beautiful Model in the whole world Naima, thank you so much for being part of SHOPAHOLIC and always being readily available when I call you.Shamim thank you so much I’m grateful for you, your blog has helped me reach all the SHOPAHOLICS in Bongo and I can never stop thanking you. Chaba you are the sweetest friend ever. Thanks for just being you na pia kwa kazi ngumu unayo nisaidia yaku sort na kupanga mzigo, ubarikiwe sana. Thank you Teddy and Nafue for all the blog traffic I get from your blogs. Wateja wangu wote (mliokuja na hata mlioshindwa kuja kwasababu ya majukumu mengine) napenda kuwajulisha kuwa nawapenda na kuwathamini sana maana SHOPAHOLIC is surely nothing without you (this is not a cliché I truly mean it). See you 26/05/2012 tutakapo kua tunafungua mzigo mwingine. Kwa wale walio shindwa kuja siku ya kufungua mzigo bado upo karibuni sana


  1. Tunakupenda sana dia be blessed Meggy I will be there 2moro cheers

  2. Thanx dia we love uuu